Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Do Not Store Your Baby in a Box

Warning: Do not store your baby in a box!  This is so scary!  Who knew?  I mean, who doesn't do this?  Eventually, you run out of things to do with your baby.  You can only search Pinterest for so long for things to do until you run out of ideas.  And then what?  You have to put your baby somewhere.  I had no idea how dangerous this was.  Sure my baby would look funny when I got her out after the laptop recharged and I was able to go on Pinterest again, but I just thought she was turning blue because she really like Blues Clues and wanted to look like the dog.  I didn't realize I was hurting her.  I am a good parent.   I do go on Pinterest regularly for to find out how to shape my child's lunches into cute animal shapes.  What more do you want from me society? Now your taking away my baby storage system?  God, parenting is so hard these days!  First I have to watch to make sure my child is only eating organic and non-GMO and then I have to make sure my child's sunscreen isn't toxic and now this? Next I'm going to learn that it's dangerous to bath my child at the coin-operated car wash.  Sigh.  Ok.  I guess I'll look for something different for baby storage.  Hanging fruit baskets it is.

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