Monday, January 27, 2014

Pretending To Be a Psychopath is Calming to Upset Children

This Saturday my niece spent the night at our house.  The kids decided they wanted to sleep in the playroom and all three of them wanted to sleep on the trundle bed.  I tucked them in and told them they could watch one cartoon.  They chose Frosty.  I talked them into this choice after Rudolf.  The snow monster causes one of them to have nightmares.

I left the room all warm and fuzzy with the thought of the three cousins all snuggled together.  For a moment we were the Waltons, if some of the Waltons wore Dora pajamas.  That was until the movie ended and all hell broke loose.  Suddenly Hudson was afraid of the dark even though it wasn’t really dark (such details don’t matter at bedtime) and Madison was crying because she missed her mommy.  My brother-in-law was still at our house and went to lay down with Madison. I laid down with Hudson and we tried to restore calm.   Then there was Kenzie.

“I want more hearts,” she said matter-of-factly.

(This needs a bit of a back story.  My mother-in-law had brought them all a box of conversation hearts and they ate them after dinner.)

“I want more hearts.  We should go to the heart store and get some more.  The store will have a big heart on it.”

Kenzie lives in her own world.  She’s not bothered by much.  I love this about her. Until it got creepy.

“Ok Kenzie, let’s be quiet and go to sleep.”  I closed my eyes and hoped that her and Hudson would do the same.  Then I felt a tiny finger petting my eyelashes.

“I want to pet yooouuuu,” she whispered in the most demonic way possible.
“Kenzie, please be quiet.  Everybody is trying to go to…”
“I want to pet yooouuuuuu…..I want to play with yooouuuu.”

I closed my eyes again.  When I opened one eye to see what she was doing I found it covered with her hand.  She decided to lighten the mood with some demonic peek-a-boo.

“Peek-a-boo mommaaaaaa…….peek-a-booooooo.”  If she were auditioning for the part of one of the tricycle-riding twins in a remake of the Shining, she would have had that part hands down.

In the end, Hudson and Madison drifted off to sleep while Kenzie kept talking about who knows what. I guess is turns out that pretending to be a psychopath is very calming to upset children.

She's good with babies too.

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