Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It Was a Brilliant Idea Until It Wasn't

Have you ever had an idea that just for one fleeting moment was the most brilliant idea ever?  So brilliant that you wonder why nobody had ever thought of it before? And then you realize it's because it's a really, really dumb idea?

Yeah.  I had one of those tonight.

Eric and I shipped our kids off to grandma and grandpa's house so we had an evening to ourselves. We decided to try out Upper Crust, the new pizza place in town.  This is a huge improvement over our last date night where we ended up at Target.  I wish I were joking about that.  Anyway, I ordered a pizza margherita and as I was chowing down I was thinking about how awesome crust is.  In my opinion, it is the best part of the pizza.  Maybe is was the glass of Pinot Noir or maybe I was high on my newfound freedom this evening away from snotty noses and butts that needed wiping, but this got my creative juices flowing.  Somebody should make an appetizer out of this.  How great would that be? Just a plate of pizza crust.  If I ever open a restaurant, I am serving a plate of pizza crusts as an appetizer.  This is the best idea in food since somebody decided to deep fry macaroni and cheese.

Then I remembered that they have that.  They're called breadsticks.

I am a fucking genius.

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  1. I recently saw this:

    The edible password pill? What if someone steals your pills? What kind of identity theft would this be?