Monday, February 24, 2014

She's Got a Fever

Kenzie goes to swim class every week.  It’s at the same time as the baby swim class.  Really it’s just the parents moving their child’s arms and legs because these babies are lazy, but anyway, it got Kenzie thinking…and wishing.

“I wish we had a baby,” she announced in the locker room.

As my dad would say, we need a baby like a fish needs a bicycle.  He also says something about putting socks on a rooster, but I’m not sure that one applies here.

“Really?” I said and then continued to get her dressed hoping that she would forget about the whole baby thing.
“Yeah, I really wish we had a baby.”  Nope, she didn’t forget.  She didn’t forget all day long.  She talked about babies in the car, during lunch, at Target.  This kid had serious baby fever.

It’s not that I’m opposed to babies.  I have a 6-month old niece that I love very much.  I just don’t want to raise another baby.  I’m enjoying the stage that we’re in now, the one that doesn’t involve diapers and does involve everyone wiping their own butts (most of the time anyway).  I like that my children can use words to tell me what’s bothering them.  Sometimes while throwing themselves on the floor or to tell me how mean I am, but words nonetheless.

I thought that I would eventually just have to tell her that for us, there would be no more babies.  Instead she changed her mind on her own while driving home from the grocery store.

“Momma,” she said, “babies freak me out.”

Me too, kid.  Me too.

This is enough.


  1. "Like a fish needs a bicycle", "Putting socks on a rooster" - Your dad is a very wise man, as are most of us grandfathers. You can slog along and learn these lessons the hard way, or sit down and pay attention to him for a change.

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