Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

This week has been a wee bit nutty for various reasons, so I haven't yet put together a blog post about my recent trip to Portland. FYI-Portland rocks. Why? Two words-miniature goats. Two more words-pie restaurant. Two more words...well, you get the point. So as I gather my thoughts on the awesomeness that was Portland into an actual post I will leave you with this picture from my trip. Because...well...maybe you touched your genitals?

Portland has a strong history of supporting local businesses and producers so I feel confident that this bottle of Maybe You Touched Your Genitals was made and packaged in Oregon and intended for Oregonian genital-touchers.


  1. Cannot wait for your Portland post. Luckily I gave up genital touching for Lent.

  2. I check your blog customary and endeavor to take in something from your blog. Thankful to you and holding on for your new post profile picture