Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Italians Don't Do Luggage

Some random thoughts about our trip to Italy, specifically getting there.

Those travel pillows are goofy and essential.

Swiss Air is my new favorite airline.  I’m adding air travel to the list of things that the Swiss do well along with chocolate, watches and army knives.

I’m adding getting people their luggage to the list of things that the Italians do poorly.

Let me rewind to the time I went to Rome in 2009. You may remember that was the time that I met two Fonzies. My friend Kelly lost her luggage on that trip. When she asked the representative at the airport when she could expect it, she was told with the shrug of the shoulders, “Maybe one or two days.” Thinking this could not be right, she asked the hotel concierge the same question. The answer was another shrug of the shoulders, “Maybe one or two days.”

On our trip to Florence, Eric was the one who lost his luggage along with about 10 other people on our flight. Any where else if that many people from one flight lost their luggage there would be explanations, apologies, vouchers, and perhaps some self flogging. In Italy it’s more of a “oh well, shit happens” situation.  We got in line with our 10 fellow luggageless Americans and filled out the claim form. “When can I expect my suitcase?” asked Eric. “Mmmm…maybe tomorrow.” This was not terribly reassuring, but thankfully she gave us a number that we could call to check on it.  Except…

Fast forward to the next morning. Eric received a text around 8:00 saying his luggage had been picked up and was it’s way by courier. By 9:30 when we still hadn’t received the suitcase, Eric decided to call and check on it. When no one answered we took a closer look at the paper we received at the airport. 8:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-4:00pm. Those were the opening hours. Two hours a day. They answer the phones two hours a day.

At 1:30 that afternoon we received the suitcase meaning it took 6 hours to get from the airport to our apartment. I’m guessing this is because one courier was delivering to the 10 other people that lost their suitcase.  Either that or the same person that makes the deliveries is in charge of answering the phones two hours a day.

They may not do luggage well, but I'll forgive them because well, their city looks like this.

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  1. You are recounting the exact reason that I now refuse to check bags. I'll wear ALL THE CLOTHES on the plane if I have to. :)