Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Civil War Had Pirates

In Italy, their version of the American Civil War is a bit...different. I found this in a toy store in Florence.

I believe that there's a pirate, the little know third contender in the Civil War. Obviously, the pirates got involved in the Civil War when the federal government wanted to tax their booty.  The pirates felt that this was unfair and told the government, "Hands off of our booty!". They really felt this was federal overreach, groping if you will. 

Fun fact about the pirates in the civil war. When they ran into battle they would do so with a loud war cry. This was called the "booty call".

Sadly, their fight came to a quick end due to an unfortunate uniform choice.  See, you would assume that buckle says US for United States, but really it just said us. When the other side's uniforms didn't say "them" on them, they got confused forcing them to quickly back that thang up and retreat.

According to the box, this figure is one of four. We can only hope that one of the other three is something equally awesome like a Jedi.

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