Friday, August 8, 2014

It's Fight Club Up In Here

Hudson and Kenzie have decided that they would like to go to karate class. Kenzie is pretty sure she could break a board if given the opportunity. God help us.

This all started when Eric showed Hudson a video from Apollo’s Martial Arts. He was super excited, mostly about the belts. He would like a black one. This kid is a sucker for a uniform. We had to tell him he actually had to work for it and they didn’t give those out just because he was wearing black shoes that day. He assured us that he really wanted to do it anyway and would be a black belt in no time. Kenzie came over to watch the video and decided that she would like to be a black belt too.

Since then it has been Fight Club around here. They found a stepladder and decided to do jumps off of it. It was as if WWE merged with Kidz Bop. This has been mixed in with karate gymnastics and kung fu ballet. They’ve also taken to sparing with each other. I thought it had gone to far when Hudson announced that Kenzie had kicked him in the…well, you can guess, but he was laughing so I guess it wasn’t too terrible. Kenzie followed this up with the exclamation; “I AM THE BEST GIRL EVER!” and a crazy face that would make Brad Pitt lose his shit.

Here are some snippets of actual conversations we have had.

Kenzie: “Daddy, come down here and fight me.”
Eric: “I don’t think so.”
Kenzie: “Daddy, come here and hit me.”
Eric: “That’s not happening.”
Kenzie: “Kick me.”
Eric: “Kenzie, I’m not going to kick you.”
Kenzie: “Mommy, you come down here and fight me.”
Me: “No.”
Kenzie: “Why?”
Me: “Because you’re scaring me.”

We’ve also been assured by our children that karate skills will come in quite handy when killing bugs.

So I guess karate class it is. I’m sure I’ll have more to report on this subject, but for now I will sign off with a HIIIIIII-YA!

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