Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If You’re Going To Rip Your Toenail Off With Your Teeth, Confidence is Key

Sometimes I look at my daughter and see myself. I look at her sitting on the floor with her friend, showing her her pictures of her family and her vacations and I see myself. I see myself in her red, usually unruly hair and in the freckles across her nose. I wonder what else she will get from me? Will she be shy? Will she be funny? Will she be kind to others? Will be awkward but sweet in her awkwardness?

Then I watch her straight up put her big toe in her mouth and rip off part of her toenail with her teeth and I think…


What. Have I. Done?

Then she just goes on talking like that whole ripping-off-her-toenail-with-her-teeth thing never happened. Just goes on talking about this picture of her and Hudson at Legoland. Her friend never said a word.

This is a kid that will own her weirdness. This is a kid that will rip a toenail off with her teeth, spit it off to the side and say “Yeah, that just happened. What of it?” This is a kid with a level of confidence that I only wish I had.  (Only not for ripping toenails off with my teeth in front of my friends, but useful things. Like maybe not being wracked with guilt over rescheduling a doctor’s appointment and then fear being labeled as “unreliable”.)

Sometimes I look at my daughter and I think, “This kid is gonna be alright.”

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